About Nora

I’m a 30 years old self taught outdoor photographer and influencer from Frankfurt, Germany.


I work as an online marketer in an advertising agency and try to travel around Germany and Europe as much as possible in my free time, always motivated by my passion. Inspired by nature, my work mainly focuses the outdoors, traveling, wildlife and adventure. My main medium is Instagram, where I share my pictures with a passionate community.


If you are interested in a collaboration, simply say „Hi“ and send me an e-mail.

Nora Görlitz


1. Which camera and lenses do you use?

My current camera is a Nikon D500. I use several lenses:

  • AF-S DX Nikkor 10-24mm 1:3,5-4,5G ED (Landscapes and animal closeups)
  • AF-S DX Nikkor 16-80mm 1:2,8-4E ED VR (Landscapes)
  • AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm 1:1,8G (Portraits)
  • AF DC Nikkor 105mm 1:2 D (Portraits and wildlife)
  • AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-300mm 1:4,5-5,6G IF-ED (Wildlife)
  • AF Micro Nikkor 55mm 1:2,8 AI-S (Macros)

For drone shots I use a DJI Mavic Pro.

2. Where are you from?

As you can see also in my bio on Instagram, I live in Frankfurt, Germany and was born in a small town near the capital Berlin.

3. How do you edit your photos?

I’m using Lightroom to edit my pictures and Photoshop. I edit the gradation curve in Lightroom to an S-shape, pulling up the black. I bright up the depths and desaturate the greens and blues. I like to increase the contrast a little bit and to pull down the lights. But that’s all I want to reveal. Every picture is different. So don’t expect the exact settings to work on all of your images without adjustments.

4. Can I have your preset?

I’m sorry and it’s not my aim to be rude, but I don’t share my Lightroom presets at the moment. Remember the developing process are years of hard work, which means trying, adapting, failing and improving step by step. I can only recommend to go through this process as well, because it’s a better learning than just copying someone else.

5. Can you get me a shoutout on Instagram?

I dont give shoutouts usually, unless your pictures blow me away. Sometimes I create competitions or contests on Instagram like the autumn contest. That’s the only chance for you to get a shoutout.

6. Are you a professional photographer?

I don’t earn money with photography and it’s not even my ambition. I work as an online marketer and do the photography stuff in my freetime. In almost all of my freetime.

7. Can you help me to grow my Instagram? Any tips?

If you understand german, you might be interested in taking a look at the article Erfolg mit Instagram. I wrote it in 2016. For you english-speaking guys I can give you a few tips here:

  1. Fill in your profile information with love and completeley. Keep it significant and short.
  2. Post authentic an unique material.
  3. Stick to your niche and don’t mess up your feed with a mix of different topics (my topic is outdoor / adventure).
  4. Be critical to yourself with the choice of your motifs, post high-quality content.
  5. Use as many hashtags as possible. But if you have a small account, use „small“ hashtags as well. You will be probably unseen in the ones with millions of uses by accounts much bigger than you.
  6. Use geo tags.
  7. Interact with others. Like other pictures daily and follow other users you like and fit to your content. Be thankful for the comments you get. Don’t ignore your audience.
  8. Be constant and post frequently. Not more than 2-3 pictures per day to prevent annoying your audience. If you’re high on quality, you can even skip a day or two.
  9. Be aware of the post time. The evenings work the most with me. But it depends on your audience and can be different on your account.
  10. Use other channels like Facebook or Twitter to publish your photos there as well.
  11. Don’t buy followers or likes. It will harm your account, because Instagram’s algorithm gives a kind of penalty to your account by cutting the reach of your photos.

8. Which filters do you use on Instagram?

I don’t use filters most of the time. But sometimes I use Ludwig or Juno on a transparacy grade between 8-10 just to get the last detail into my picture.

9. Would you please use my hashtag?

I decide which hashtags I use. If you want to feature one of my images, feel free to do it. If not, fine as well. But don’t expect me to use your hashtag, because I choose hashtags which I think will work for me, depending on the reach of my images.

10. May I feature some of your pictures on my Instagram account?

Does the Pope box in a chain mail? Of course you can, if you acknowledge the two following terms:

  • • Please give credit, which means mentioning my handle @noragee in your description and tagging me in your post.
  • • Don’t use any filters on my original pictures or give them another edit. I really don’t like it.